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DIY Kit Craze

The past year has been filled with so many challenges; with lockdowns and emergency orders in place for much of the past 12 months people are staying home more than ever before. This extra time at home brings with it challenges and benefits. I won’t get into the challenges I know so many are or have faced the past year because there are countless resources and articles discussing this. I will say that this past year has been unique, with some upsides and some downsides and some people have thrived and some have struggled more than others. Neither outcome is right or wrong – just different.

A few fun trends have picked up for those at home with a little extra time on their hands – jigsaw puzzles and DIY kits!!

DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

One of our top selling items and the best selling kit we have is the DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit. This makes a great gift for any hot sauce lover. The included ingredients and recipes have lasted my husband over 3 years with just a few basic grocery store additions and he’s a hot sauce with every meal kind of guy. It comes with 7 bottles and you can easily fill them and more with various types and flavours. You really can’t go wrong with this kit or gift!

Make Cool Stuff also makes a wonderful Candle Making kit that has been quite popular and is a really unique (hard to find item). It comes with everything you need to make candles including 3 different scents.

DIY Cheese Kits

The DIY cheese kits are our newest addition to our DIY kit lineup. The Lotsa Motsa Kit is actually the company’s best seller as it makes 30 batches and takes only 1 hour to make each batch. Although we just launched our best seller is the poutine kit. The poutine kit is currently sold out but don’t worry we’ve got more on the way – if you see it linked below we’ve got it back in stock.

All these cheese kits can be made with cow, goat or sheep milk and come from a small Canadian company!

Kids – learning through play with Kiss Naturals Kits!

These 4 best selling kits help kids learn through play by creating fun products. All the included ingredients are needed. The recommended age is 6+ but can be done with younger kits with adult supervision. The bath bomb kit is definitely the best seller but all are very popular!

These kits are made with all natural ingredients in Quebec by a small Canadian company!

Adult Spa Kits

Kiss Naturals recently launched an adult line of spa kits which we also carry under the brand Earthy Good. These are also Made in Quebec from all natural materials but with a super focus on eco-friendly packaging. The crinkle paper is seed paper and everything is fully recyclable.

DIY Beer Making Kits

We also carry a line of Beer Making Kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop. These come with everything you need to brew three batches of beer or cider except the bottles (and cider in the case of the hard apple cider). Brooklyn Brew recommends non-twist-off glass beer bottles with a bottle capper or a keg. Since most of us don’t have those at home, recycling previously used swing-top beer bottles that have previously held a carbonated beverage will also work (Grolsch swing top bottles for example).

We will be continuing to source new and fun DIY kits – drop a comment below and let us know what you think or if you have any suggestions!!

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Megan Munro

My name is Megan Munro and I am the founder of Caribou Gifts (est. March 2020). I am passionate about helping people find the perfect gift, as well as giving back to the community we live and work in.