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Lithologie: Making whisky stones like you’ve never seen

We see a lot of different brands and companies as part of our day-to-day sourcing process.  We wanted to pause today to share a little bit about one of our newest brands Lithologie because there’s something really special about this company and it’s definitely one of, if not the most unique item we’ve come across.

Lithologie makes handmade whisky stones as their hero product and they also offer some other complementary products too.  The whisky stones are so unique and beautifully packaged they make a great gift on their own or you can get them in our whisky gift basket.

The perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, you name it.

So what’s all the hype about?  These stones are manufactured by hand (they even extract the rock themselves without using heavy machinery), they have incredible performance and they are absolutely stunning.

Checkout this video below to learn more about this rising star company.  

We’re always on the hunt for new Canadian companies with unique products.  Have any suggestions?  Drop a comment below or send us an email.

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Megan Munro

My name is Megan Munro and I am the founder of Caribou Gifts (est. March 2020). I am passionate about helping people find the perfect gift, as well as giving back to the community we live and work in.